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"My first encounter with Kevin McEwen was as a technician during the summer of 2012 while he was still employed with Kone and one of the condominiums that I managed was experiencing continuing issues with the elevator making sounds, trapping persons on numerous occasions and simply having problems with the controller and operations.

Kevin and Curtis (another Kone technician) worked numerous hours in trying to locate the problem and resolve it.  Their dedication and assistance to the owners of that condominium was immeasurable since most of the residents were in “advanced years” and could not simply climb the stairs for several levels.


When Kevin and Harley started their elevator consulting company that I found their expertise and assistance I had previously experienced to be of great value to the properties which I manage in several ways – firstly, they effectively reduced the maintenance costs by providing advice on what could and could not be changed according to the existing maintenance contracts with various elevator companies (Kone, Thyssen Krupp, Regina and Otis) usually with their consulting fees offset by the savings that they provided from their review of all invoicing; and, they improved service attendances by the elevator companies because of their inspections and follow up with TSask.


With the increase in their scope of work and the simple numbers of clients they have service contracts with I am often hearing from my peers of the advantage and cost savings that their services have provided.  My own experience of a recent bid for renewal contract services literally saved the condo corporation 50% from their last contract with better maintenance servicing requirements.  This is a great savings for budgeting as well as piece of mind to all owners because they know that the elevator equipment is maintained at a guaranteed level of service with less down time and cost.


I am more than happy to recommend the use of Goodwen to any business or company that has elevator conveyancing equipment – the service, knowledge and expertise of Kevin, Harley and Tony are top level!"


Donna Singbeil

ICR Commercial Real Estate

“ I have consulted with  Goodwen on several elevator modernization projects and have always had good experiences. They are prompt and professional and are a great resource to have on your side when you are making a major investment in your elevators.”

Jamie Lackie

Colliers International

“When we had a project to replace one of our elevators, I had very little knowledge of elevators. We had a consultant helping us but they too were not very experienced. Once I met Goodwen, I could see right away they had the knowledge, expertise and experience to help us mange our elevator replacement project. They had our best interests their client throughout the project right through to its successful completion and afterwards for ongoing maintenance consultation."

Steve F.  P.Eng
Mechanical Engineer

Industrial Mine Site

Surface Capital Engineering Department

“We have been using Goodwen Managements services for several years and have found them to be a very valuable resource. They are extremely knowledgeable and professional and help us navigate through all of our elevator needs. If your organization currently has any form of vertical lift device having Goodwen and part of your team is essential."

George Foufas

University Of Saskatchewan

“McCOR Management has utilized the services of Goodwen for over 5 years. We have come to rely on Goodwen for our elevator equipment needs including contract maintenance as well as repair and complete modernization projects.  They have been a great benefit in aiding us in service contract tendering, provision of service contracts, and service contract problem resolution in addition to working with our clients to develop and implement elevator modernization plans all the while providing a high level of professionalism.  We would highly recommend Goodwen to anyone seeking an elevator consultant."

Kerry Hidalgo

McCOR Management (SK) Inc.

I have been working with Goodwen Management since their inception in 2014, and from year one, and that first year, the service they provided not only paid for itself but saved us 10’s of thousands of dollars as well. Their insight into the Elevator industry, what’s required, and what’s not, and professionally objective advise when it comes to repairs or upgrades, what is reasonable and what’s not; has proven to be invaluable ever since.  Their assistance in communications and in representation of our interests to the vendors and Tsask has resulted in our enjoying fewer down times, and better servicing than we experienced prior to 2014.  They were a great resource in helping us put performance clauses into our current Elevator Services Contract, and we currently engage them in Elevator upgrades across our portfolio of 70+ Elevators.

Guy Fehr RPA FMP

Manager Infrastructure & Energy - Facilities Management

Royal University Hospital – Saskatoon




Kevin Cell:  306-281-2826

Harley Cell: 306-715-0995 

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